Welcome to Rabbit Trails.

     This  part of my webiste is dedicated to short stories sharing many of the wondrous things God has done for us throughout our lives. These writings are not related to our travels to the King's Tavern, but definitely are a part of our journey to God's  heart.

      In reading  these writings, I pray your faith will be encouraged, your hearts stirred and your spirits beckoned to believe in the impossible, for with the Lord, All things are possible!

     ENJOY, and may God bless you, Susan

Grantham, A story for all dog and God lovers! The Lord blessed Kit and I with our dream come true and a gift that would bless us more than we could imagine. 
An Appearance to Remember It was a dark, stormy day.....
The Letter I will never forget this night for as long as I live...God's grace is awesome.
The Healing In the midst of all of the heartache, something unbelievable happened....a warmth invaded my soul....
You Can Never Out*Give God...My gift of Addison There she was, unabashedly standing in front of our home, beckoning me.... 
A Transformation of Every Kind. What happened next was beyond my comprehension.