About Us

                     Welcome to  Journey to My fathers Heart website!

     I created this website to share all of the glorious  and wonderful works of the Lord as He has done so much in our lives that have changed us forever. My husband Kit and I belielve the Lord called us in 1997 to one day host a B&B, that would be  a place that all of His kids could come to and be refreshed, pampered and blessed.  It has been a JOURNEY  thus far  as He has been teaching us, training us up and changing us into the vessels that He can use. Through this journey, we have come to know the Lord in such intimate and magnificient ways and  we have many a story worth sharing. 

    You know the saying; "It is not so much the destination but the journey along the way that changes us? " These years walking with the Lord to get to our destination are filled with miracles, times of challenge and growth, funny stories, laughter and  wondrous new friends,   but mostly a coming into a more intimate and greater knowledge of God's grace and love for us.

      As a writer, I pray God will use these stories  to bless all who come and visit this site. 

      Please visit the 'Rabbit Trails' icon  for stories I have written that are not part of  Kit's and my journey in our quest for  The King's Tavern. These are short stories of  things God has done in our lives that have blessed us as well as shown us His glory. I pray these stories will bless YOU .


     Enjoy the site. God Bless you, Susan